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One hundred and twenty-five years ago—and four years before the first Olympic Games of the modern era in 1896—the first long-distance course was organized by a Parisian newspaper. It was all new and nobody had the slightest idea of how the participants would behave during the 500-kilometers long journey. The vast majority were ignorant of the first principles of physical training. However, of the 840 men who gathered in Paris, about 250 reached Belfort – not a bad result at all considering that they had neither experience nor the comfortable sportswear we enjoy today. One has to admit though that the assortment of jackets, jerseys, naval uniforms, and the variety of headgear, scarves, and bright sashes gave the participants that romantic look of adventure which we no longer associate with sports.

For womens’ fashion in sporting events, see The Noon Girl: La Midinette.

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